the limbic phantasm

With the work of the limbic phantasm a process is revealed that contains failure and <<personal vulnerabilities>>. A failure that refers to inner resistance, a rigidity, a blockade, a throwback to the subject, and one ́s own dysfunctionality. The memories as well as the remembrances are extremely fragile. We construct memories. There are gaps and holes, brakes and blurs. Remembering a story; collective cultural historiography is also subjective and is determined by the predominant people. The limbic phantasm is a poetic performance that offers a space in which fragments of hidden patterns become visible and sec(k)rets appear.

The work is based on different experiences, such as the HynoHenKaiPan method, the confrontation of subjective-, post-, and cultural/collective -memory. The room installation embodies different temporalities which are fragmentary, not linear. They show errors and moments of transformation that involve different materials. 3-channel video/sound-installation mixed-media-installation: Iceball, paper, cement, plastic foil, burned wood, paper cement spout out of menstruation cups 160, fragile tape orange, Hair, video-performance installation live performance. Artist book.